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DenLA Lit!

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Date: 17 May 2024
Location: Sanctuary Studios
Address: Athen Rd - Los Angeles
DenLA Lit!

DenLA Presents: LIT!

Welcome to LIT! DenLA is back with a rollcking good time. Bust into spring with all the hottest men and best play spaces and venue in LA!

DenLA Presents: LIT! @ Sanctuary Studios.

Friday, May 17th @10p – 4a

13012 Athens Way, Los Angeles, CA 90061

Come join the sexiest men from all over the world and get sweaty and celebrate our anniversary!

***Open Bar***

**Awesome DJ**

**Incredible Lights/Sound**

**Free Clothes Check**

**Play Spaces throughout**



Dance to the hottest beats in the main room and explore the play spaces throughout, including theme rooms, play benches, sex furniture and slings! Enjoy expanded play spaces outdoors!

Gear is encouraged so break out your leather and chaps, grab those oh so short rugby shorts, slip on your perfectly worn jock or briefs or a singlet, or just come with a smile.